North Terrace Property Management

North Terrace provides responsive property management for both tenants and property

We specialize in the Midtown, Westport, and Plaza areas.  We're a small outfit--when
you have questions about your property--whether it's about the gas bill in a vacant unit,
or market rents in your building's neighborhood, you'll talk to
us or one of the other
eight people in the office.

We're not realtors, lawyers, accountants, lenders, or estate planners (although we
know some good ones, and are happy to recommend them).   While
we could rattle on
and on about your investment, our service, our mission, our objectives, etc,
we won't.  
All we will do is manage your property professionally--you'll be happy, and your tenants
will be happy.

Give us a call at 816-561-7368 to discuss what North Terrace can do to improve your
property's performance.


Martin Holland & Brandon Laughridge